About us

President - Mr. B. McDonald

Vice Presidents - Mr J Bunting, Mr D Cargo, Mr H Martin, Mr J McKnight, Dr W Beattie

Chairman - Mr N DE Cogan

Vice Chairman - Mr M Bell

Secretary - Mrs. E. Ward

Treasurer - Mr. M. Edgar

Press Officer - Mr. B. McDonald

Committee members - Mrs. S. McIlorum, Mr R Cole


The Ards Historical Society was founded in 1967 to help foster interest in all aspects of the history of the area.

We also endeavor to provide facilities to study groups, unearth and document relevant historical information and encourage the preservation of objects, which may be in danger of destruction.

The area in which the Society is particularly interested consists of the general North Down area.


Details of the Winter Programme and the Summer Outings are published in the Newtownards Chronicle.


Meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month in the Ards Art Centre, and commence at 8pm.


15 for a single person, 20 for a family and suggested donation of 3 for visitors

New members are always welcome.













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